Dairus Reynnet

For eaton commissioner

With a servant’s heart, shaped to serve, I plan to be a strong, proven voice in Eaton County for my constituents, while continuing to serve the entire state with knowledge and leadership.  I have a great vision to share and to help shape our future in Michigan.

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Current Issues

Dairus Reynnet's approach to public service is governed by guiding principles

Limiting government in our personal lives and in our small businesses is a priority for me. I will continue to work to make government more accountable to the people. I will also make sure government is efficient and effective in serving the citizens of our state.

A skilled and educated work force is a must for Michigan’s economy to move forward. I will work to improve our education system – from early education to high school as well as higher education. I believe educating our children is the key to a strong and prosperous economy and society.

I will always work to conserve our State’s rights and to strive to keep federal mandates from infringing on our personal and state choices. I will protect our right to choose our healthcare provider and plan.

Small businesses are the backbone of our state and a business-friendly environment is important to boost our economy. I will ensure our state encourages entrepreneurship, and protects small business owners from increasing regulations and taxes. I will work to get our economy back on the right track.

I am committed to serving the people in my county and to working to move our state forward. I have a servant’s heart and an “open-door” policy to hear your concerns and suggestions on how state government can better serve the people.


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